Juma Vitali is the founder of some of revolutionary holistic approaches sequences of practical exercises and group experiences which help people to know their own energies and emotions and transform them into creative force to improve their Life!

The Evolution of LifeWings Method brought to the creation of a Counseling School and RebirthWings: The Co-Being Counseling School in which students learn about numerology, imprinting, counseling and much more…

The Counseling School Co-Being is registered in Fedpro and Unicounseling and it lasts three years. images-4.jpg

It is an accompanying path founded by Juma Vitali thanks to its decades of experience in helping relationships. This method makes use of various tools to release the emotions, blocked energies including pillows, blankets, sheets, a puff like the cube designed by Alexander Lowen, towels, all instruments used for pull-push-rid-release emotional blocks and discover the release of this destructive energy an enormous wealth: THE VITALITY of which every human being is endowed from birth!

Juma Vitali author of “The New Family, the communities of the new age” invites to work on themselves in accordance with The New Family projects that primarily coordinates: parents, educators, teachers, midwives because she believes it is important that people who relate with children must have in his heart the desire to work on the emotions unresolved. She helps through specific exercises to realize stress, to overcome the transitional phases, momentary uncertainty or confusion, difficulties, the couple dynamics with their children. Individual and group counseling include physical exercises, rebirthwings, emotional and body work, the reading of the character structure to discover resources, guided visualizations, tantra, tao, introspection and listening; all this leads to become aware and to to be able to find the most suitable solutions to contact the sacred space of Essence.

People become aware of their emotions, re-actions, sexuality, talents, spirituality, boundaries, repetitive patterns with the children or with partner; all this in order to find satisfaction and fulfillment in their own life!


These are some subjects teached during this path:

Part 1

◦  Exploration of the force that sabotages your transformation towards harmony
◦ Development of an individual identity also professional and teachings about the capabilities to collaborate in a team
◦ Development of will power and inner power in alignment with the purpose of life
◦ Lifewings Method, RebirthWings exercises you can do in an emotional crisis ◦ Body work to develop an emotional body safety
◦ Supervision on professional ethics and the management of the own energy of people who work in the therapeutic field
◦ Identification and processing of masks, defenses, resistances, destructive and creative forces forces. Education to happyness, expansion and love in working with the Higher Self issue.

During Pilgrimages and the Groups of the Counseling School ” Co-Being ” are teached:

Shamanic practices

Fire Waliking

Teachings of Energy Treatments on the Aura field

Trust, acceptance and presence are part of this wonderful journey

toward self-realization!